About Us

Our mission at Mirage Banquet is to not only offer our guests’ exceptional services, but notable, unforgotten experiences. With decades worth of experience, between our remarkable staff members and committed workers, we have provided our guests with excellent memories that they will truly never forget.

Our establishment is located in an area best suited for our clients: (1917 Albion Road, Etobicoke ON, M9W 5S8 ), that is accessible when exiting off the highways.

Mirage Banquet provides a sophisticated venue, perfect for ethnic weddings, fashioned with intrinsic, elegant designs. We work to make sure every detail is implemented to augment both the interior and exterior of our hall, meant to make your time in our establishment enjoyable and remarkable. Our many features, which include an enormous dance floor, as well as an impressive sound system, meant to enhance the mood of your event.

We’ve set up our hall to host lavish birthday parties, extravagant weddings, memorable anniversaries, corporate events, professional seminars, fundraisers, and trade shows.

Our tremendous staff is dedicated with delivering unique customer service for all of our guests. From in-house cuisine, to exceptional menus, and event planning, we have built Mirage Banquet to cater to the needs and desires of all our guests.

We hope to see you soon. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!